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WATERPROOF Universal Reversible Pram Liner with Reversible Strap Covers

WATERPROOF Universal Reversible Pram Liner with Reversible Strap Covers

Universal and reversible handmade pram liner by Made in Darwin. Made from 100% cotton fabrics with a polyester inside, this liner will look great and hold it's shape for many years.

Enclosed inside is a breathable but waterproof layer of PUL fabric. It is a porous layer that allowes it to breathe but has a membrane which closes over when in contact with fluid, ensuring that your pram stays dry from any accidents. 

It has a loft of approximately 1cm, and has stitched holes for the crotch strap, waist strap and shoulder straps to pass through. The second line of stitching allows the liner to roll into place for more narrow prams and the vertical shoulder strap holes mean that this liner will fit a wider range of prams well.

Machine washable, this liner will dry quickly to keep your pram clean.

Liner length is 83cm, width of 33cm. Crutch strap holes are located 22cm from the base of the liner, Waist strap holes are located 40cm from the base of the liner and shoulder strap holes are located 10cm from the top of the liner and are 13cm in length.

Please note that your pram will require the straps to unclip at the waist so that they can be threaded through the five strap holes in the pram liner. It is not suitable for prams with harness systems that don't allow the waist and shoulder straps to unclip from each other. 

Shipping is capped at $10.

Shoulder straps available for an additional $10 they must be purchased at the same time.


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